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Do you need help with your dogs behaviour?


Congratulations you have arrived in the right place!


I can help you and your dog to identify the issues and modify the behaviour using positive reinforcement training methods


This is not a quick fix but this is training that will help you and your dog to overcome your issues using methods that will enhance your relationship with your pet rather than compromising it.


The positive reinforcement methods I advocate can be used to improve all manner of behavioural issues including Aggression towards people and or other dogs, fear and anxiety, training problems, barking/howling, indoor toileting, chewing and other destructive behaviours, compulsive behaviour, mouthing/biting, phobias, separation anxiety, pulling on the lead, jumping up, and antisocial behaviour.

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Call or email Cathy & book assessment visit 




Cathy will email you a pre-assessment form, complete this and send to Cathy - this will help Cathy make the most of her time with you




Cathy will visit and assess you and your dog. This initial visit lasts about 2 hours depending on you situation






Cathy will agree a programme of treatment with you - provide written material to support you in her abscence & book any further visits ( £40 an hour plus fuel charge) you have agreed are necessary  






 You and your dog will use the time between visits to work on the strategies Cathy has demonstrated and discussed with you





Cathy will provide email and or phone support as required





Cathy will continue to visit and the process will be repeated until the desired outcome is achieved. Most people only require a few visits but this very much depends on the individual situation.
















What is positive reinforcement?


Positive reinforcement is a modern and kind type of training which relies on the principle that if your dog is presented with something pleasant such as a toy or treat immediately following a behaviour it makes that behaviour more likely to occur in the future.

This approach is completely different from “traditional” training which would use a combination of what is called positive punishment and negative reinforcement. This is when a dog is presented with or experiences something unpleasant after performing a behaviour. This would include physical and verbal assult such as a smack, a jerk on a choke chain or a human screaming at them.


Positive reinforcement training results in a dog who follows an owner because it wants to rather than following out of fear. In contrast to  traditional training using punitive methods to force a dog to behave. This often results in a ‘quick fix’ but never really gets to the root cause of the misbehavior while promoting insecurity and negative behavior.


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